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Well... long time no log...
Yeah, I know, I know. Neglecting a friends log is just as bad as pissing on a friendship. I've been busy (but who's not?) and more or less going cold turkey on my internet-addicion lately. This week, I've only checked my mail, and that's it! No hours surfing the net in search of news, no useleless flashgames (alt0169) and worst of all... no logging!
Superol himself has left the country some time ago, and I'm going abroad this friday. Norway it will be, while Superol and Hank are going drunk in Scotland. Heck, they even reminded me:

21.07.2002 13:39 [translated]
Superol mobile (sms)
Hi, From the top of the Ben Vrackie, 841 meters 5 degree celsius. Greetings from wim and hank. Climbed 700 meters by the way...

23.07.2002 17.22 [translated]
Hank Mobile (sms)
Hey bob, greetings from sea breezes bed and breakfast in Ullapool! Will you reply this time? Superol and Hank.

(And yes, I've replied to that... I copuldn't sleep, so I've replied something like 'miss you lot, weather sucks I can't sleep' at 0.50h... then came this:)

24.07.2002 0:55 [translated]
Hank mobile (sms)
Thanks bob!

(well, sleeping was not going to happen to me, so I replied I was looking to MillenniuM and couldn't sleep yet...)

24.07.2002 00:58 [translated]
superol mobile (sms)
Bob, hiccup, lots of fun on your holiday! We whisky drink much! Zin

Wim was drunk... he even called me... at 1.30 ! To tell me he ws getting drunk, that Hank was pushing him in the water, that they did not knew yet if they could enter the bed and breakfast this late. But he's having fun... I'm not... yet.... I'm going to get my stuff, See Y'all later.

burgemeester b°b

  posted by burgemeester @ 7/24/2002 10:47:00 a.m.

woensdag, juli 24, 2002  
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